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Clerifacation Needed Please...

Jason LeBlanc

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Good Day, I am having some issues with a G1 Platform & while reading throu I found this quote in the manual that I dont quite understand... Call me a Noob ,been said before this quote is rite from the manual :Enrichment becomes fairly compressed at higher voltages i.e. small voltage changes = large ratio changes. Unfortunatilty I cant get my brain around this, what is happening is when tuning the master fuel ,My WB sensor & where the motor wants to be is way off .My Wb is pegged at 10.0 & master fuel is at 50ish ,the motor idles fine & responds Also normal accel enrichement & wake up settings when I tune out to 14.5 @ idle, I cant compensate for accel enrich, I get loping idle & just not right,NO matter how much enrichment I tune in It will not stabalize, the feed back on the WB to narow band voltage is also off, I will not come above .30 volts Unfortunatly I dont have another WB to test against ,Only thing I can thing up is to change the feedback form ,AEM UEGO WB is being used, Any calibration possible? I tried the factory ecy & feedback reads proper?? I have log & map attached (Long) Also If anyone could tell me how to post a map & log in one posting rather that two posts Any insight would be appreciated Jay


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I have had a quick look at your current tune

I take it your car is a turbo wrx?     

 i am guessing this by the photo and what you have saved the pcl file as .

If it is then do not drive it with your current tune as it is incorrectly set and will damage your engine!!

if it is not then please let me know more about your engine setup so i can help further.



[email protected]


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