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link g4 knock block

simon gardner

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hi guys iv recently been doing some bits and peices to my motor , now its a v6 1mzfe toyota motor which is in my mr2 , the car was mapped last yr and everything was great ,the tuner who is well known said there was no pinging  ,  the performance was also great , now i have had to fit a catt to the car to get it through the uk mot , now since then im sure i can hear the motor pinging around 2000 - 3000 rpm  . it has stainless maifolds on which i know are a little tinny in the way they sound ,

if the worst case is that i need the knock block how easy or difficult are they to fit wire and configure ,

i have had a little play around in the area on the map were the pinging seems to be , but if im honest the noise doesnt go away unless i retard the timing so far that the motor seems flat .

im maybe missing something here but can some one possibly shed some light for me as im getting very concerned.

would the car need to go back on a rolling road or is it quite simple to set the sensitivity up for advance a retard in closed loop.

any input would be greatfully received cause this is worrying me too much now ,

thank you 



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I would actually suggest the best option would be to get it run up for a check on the dyno.

As the tuner can then give it a proper check for mixtures as well as knock.

However fitting of the knock block is not too hard. The setting up to work in with the ECU is much more involved and is better left to experienced users.

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