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LinkPlus Prime Temperature

Esa Hintsala

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Is it possible to deactivate the prime totally? I have set the Prime Temperature to 0 hoping that it will not be active at all. But it looks like that if temperature falls to 0 (or below, PCLink can show 0 as minimum), the prime will take place during cranking. This overprimes my engine. "This allows the pre-start injector prime temperature to be adjusted. At low temperatures the mixture formation is inadequate to start the engine. This is due to the poor mixing of air and fuel, as well as fuel condensation on the cylinder walls. To compensate for these losses, if the engine temperature is BELOW the prime threshold at key-on, the engine will receive a short injector shot to assist starting. Note this setting is checked when the LinkPlus is powered up, so any adjustment will only take effect if the power is recycled. Use the ADJUST buttons to alter the temperature."

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