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G2 upgrade to G4

Paul Duncan

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Hi there, I'm currently running a wire in G2 and am looking at upgrading to a G4 while I've got the engine out and replacing a few bits and pieces after running a big end bearing. So I've got a couple of questions. Is it a relatively easy upgrade? Can I just make a short wiring loom to adapt the old connector to the new G4 connector or is the more to it? I thought that would be easier than rewiring all the connectors at the engine end of the loom. I was thinking of a G4 extreme as I want the knock protection, and buying an Atom and a knock block will work out to be about the same. Please let me know if there's any more info about the installation to make this easier to answer. Oh yeah, it's an 89 Lancia Delta integrale 8v if that helps. Thanks

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Hi Paul,

Depending on your wiring experience I would class this as a relatively easy swap.

There are 2 ways you could go about this,

1. When you buy the Xtreme, swap the 2.5m looms for the 400mm (this will drop the price a little). Then cut off the G2 plug and solder/crimp/heatshrink the short loom on.

2. Instead swap for a 'Pin Kit', cut off the G2 loom and terminate with G4 terminals and into G4 Plugs. (This may be a bit more difficult if you don't have the correct crimping tool, and the G2 wire insulation is larger and won't fit into the G4 plugs easily.

Good Luck


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