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Soon to install G3+...what to expect?

Patrick Garvan

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In the next 2-3 weeks we will install the unit into a pretty highly modded Porsche 944 turbo. Just curious to know what sort of base map material does it come with? It will be put together with a new motor going in but then off to a LINK agent dyno. My mechanic is concerned that he won't be able to start the car and check for all the usual things upon new startup. Nor do I imagine the dyno guys want a completely fresh motor. What about fuel and maps? It is a road/track car and I will of course have to run off normal pump fuel on a day to day basis, but would like to use race or E85 for the track. The octane level of normal pump fuel in Sydney can be pretty unpredictable so I assume I will start with a pretty conservative map for this, but is it just a matter of flicking a switch to use alternative fuel? Do you have to drain the previous fuel out before you do so? I've not had a standalone before so excuse the newbie questions.

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The ECU is shipped with a standard configuration.  There will be no base map that you can just put in and go (unless your tuner has one that will be closer than the standard one).  In general the standard map is close enough to start your engine with some master fuel adjustment s and get it running long enough to check it will be ok for the dyno (no leaks etc...).

Your installer will have to go through and set up all the inputs and outputs for whatever they are wired to.  Each output can be put into test mode to test wiring.  After that its a matter of setting engine configuration such as cylinder count, firing order, injection mode and ignition type.  Next triggers (cam and crank sensors) will be set up and tested.  After that set base timing with the motor cranking, then it can be fired up.  On first running the engine adjust master so it is not too rich or lean.  After that, get it straight onto the dyno as running it unnecessarily and unloaded is a good way to reduce the chances of new rings bedding in and all that.

As far as switching fuels go.  If you have a tune for each fuel, it makes sense that you should only have that fuel in the tank when running that tune.  But I'm sure a very slight mix wont make too much difference.

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We did all this and also found that my laptop wouldn't allow us to download the latest firmware and it was 2 versions old. Bit disappointing on both counts. After much work and fiddling around we finally got it to startup. Now off to Advan for a few days tuning. Looking forward to the finished result.

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