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Can An Volt 1 be used for an input other than the internal map sensor?

David Tychsen-Smith

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I know that in PCLink the ECU settings for An Volt 1 can be changed to a different input and sensor type. However An Volt 1 has no pinout other than those wired directly to the internal sensor. Is there any reason why I cannot just connect to these pins off the board?

I have a GM 4 bar map sensor that I want to use but have run out of non-essential analog inputs. I would like to use An Volt 1 and remove the old 2.5 bar sensor from the board. I can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be possible (obviously not expecting it to be covered by warranty or anything). Can you provide me with the information for the pinouts of the existing sensor so I can wire in my GM sensor to match?

Thanks for your assistance,


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