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V5 IAT & Cold Start Temperature Limits

John Hoegberg

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i think the v5 was not designed to work in the cold temperature extremes where i live, the iat maxes out at-20c and the engine temp maxes out at -20c also. at these temps strange things begin to happen. first if the iat is turned on and it is cold out say -12 c the cold start enrichment wont work, i can tell because the injector pulse width stays small when trying to crank the engine cold and it wont start. if i turn the iat off, i get enrichment and it starts. if the temperature gets even colder, lets say -34 c the iat temp maxes out at -20 c and then suddenly it will jump to a positive temp of 230 c, at this point i can see from the wideband display that the engine is running rich values of 9&10:1 and changing the cell value has little or no effect, it misses and runs poorly, it seems like something gets tripped in the ecu and the car wont run right again till the next time i start it after it sits for a bit. when this is happening the display for iat temp becomes unstable i.e. i jumps around wildly from high positive 230 c to low negative values, and the indicator for acceleration enrichment will show that it is active even though i am not touching the gas pedal, it will appear that the enrichment is happening on and off as if someone was pumping the gas pedal and also the voltage display is showing unsteadiness too, the values is constantly changing, normally the voltage is steady and where you would expect it to be, 13-14.5 v. also if i disconnect the wiring from the air temp sensor the display will read 230 c. my question is can you recalibrate the link ecu to work properly at these temperature extremes? i am stuck with these temp swings so i hope there is an answer for this. can i send the ecu to you guys, it would be good if we could get it to work in the cold. many car companies bring their cars here to fairbanks, alaska for cold weather testing, it seems i have tested the extremes of this link v5 and it is not working what can you do to help me? thank you john hoegberg

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Hi John,

The system you have was not designed to work in such extreme temperatures, most of the components will not function correctly below -15 degC. Our new G4 platform is rated to operate down to -20, with components rated to -40.

If you want to improve the situation with your current ECU, the first thing you will need to do is move the ECU to a warmer area (eg inside a heated cab). We have an ECU in Antarctica running like this. To fix the temperature sensor falling over you will need to add a resister in parallel with the sensor, 10kOhms should do it. This will change the scale of the sensor so that it does not reach the limits of what the ECU can read.


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