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S54 with VVT, idle control


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Hi guys,

I am wondering how one controls the S54 idle on a Link G4 (Storm here). It uses a 3 wire solenoid actuator which in the documentation says to wire ONLY to aux. 1 and aux. 2. My aux 1-4 are dedicated for VVT so that is not an option.

In PCLink it lets me set ISC solenoid output to all the other outputs to. In the idle control speed menu if I select Open(or closed) loop ISC/Stepper it let's you choose 4 or 6 terminal stepper but no other options (as to precise it's a solenoid and not a stepper).

Is it possible to wire a 3 wire solenoid to any aux 5-8 outputs or should I look into a different idle control valve (2 wire solenoid or stepper motor one instead of the OEM one).


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