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lamda sensor compatibility

Ramantanis Dimitris

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When searching and googling I found this note:


"Wide Band


By selecting either Bosch 4 wire or 5 wire adapter will put the ECU into wide band mode.


Bosch 4 Wire mode uses the Bosch 4 wire sensor (Bosch Sensor Number 0 258 104 002). All Motorsport ECUs can read this sensor directly and provide accurate air fuel ratio values that are compensated for sensor temperature variations.


Bosch 5 wire adapter mode uses the LC1 or LM1 lambda kit from Innovate. This kit uses the Bosch 5 wire sensor and a control unit. In this mode the ECU reads either Analog 1 or 2 of the LC-1 output. Before the LC-1 can be used it must be calibrated. Use LM Programmer software to calibrate the LC-1. Set the output to read 0.050 volts for an air fuel ratio of 8.0 and 0.950 volts for an air fuel ratio of 22."

Do I have in any case to use controller or is there any other sensor that I can use without controller? 

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