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Engine wont start, link g4 Vq30det

Grant M8SR8Z Fisher

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I have a Link G4 wired into my car, engine is a Nissan VQ30det. Vehicle was running fine, parked car in shed for a month and went to move it, now it wont start. Checked fuel pump operation and injector power, ok. Fitted new spark plugs, as advised. Checked earth and power to coils, ok. Went through with the person who wired up vehicle over the phone and pluged into conputer via usb port. Went through tigger operation from crank to computer and thats ok. Changed cam angle sensor, no difference. Checked signal to coils and coils are not getting a signal to fire. Have been waiting for $*&^^@$%$ to come and have alook for over afew weeks. Vehicle is needed to be sold and of course need it running :) Any help would be great as to why the coils are not getting a signal, but tigger operation is working fine, as of link plug in data. Thanks Grant

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Hi Grant

On the G4 you can test the coils using the ignition test function.

If you get spark when testing each ignition output the ECU hardware is fine.

This would be the first test to try.

From here we will then have to look at inputs including triggers. If you email through the PCL file we can also run it on the bench and might see something.


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