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PossumLink - Tacho bouncing / hesitation

Jeff Grant

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Hi Guys,

I have just acquired a v4 Sti RA, it has had a early Possumlink ecu in it for some time and has been tuned well on this. My biggest problem with this is the tachometer. The car has a factory dash, the tachometer works fine and smooth when not on accelerating, once on boost or with any throttle the tacho needle bounces around. 

I have tried searching and found other people with the same thing, but no solutions mentioned in the forum. 

Anyone have any ideas what it is, and what could fix this? 


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Hi Jeff

This has been an issue we have seen in the past but have not been able to find a cause for it.
From memory it was related to the dash cluster and it seemed to only show on 1 in 50 installs.
A fix was never found on the G1 units. The later units added a pulse width adjustment to adjust the width of the pulse which was not able to be done on the G1'. I have not heard of any issues with the G4's to date.

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