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Trigger Problems BMW M50 Turbo

Staffan W-O

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Hi! I'm currently trying to get my engine running with my brand new G3 plus. The problem that i've runned in to is that i cant seem to get the trigger setup right. Or at least cant get the ECU to recive the trigger signal. Now the engine has two sensors each are with three terminals. One on the crankshaft with a trigger wheel (60 thoots 2 missing). And the second one positioned at the camshaft (one thoot). Crank sensor is wired to trigger one and cam sensor to trigger two. I've tried setting it up with the missing thoot mode, entering that the the triggerwheel got 60 and 2 missing and I think i've got the rest right to (synchlocation cam and multithoot locaition crank etc.). But theres no trigger signals when cranking the engine and no rpm or triggerfaults when im looking at the trigger window in pclink. The sensors are working cause I've replaced them with spare onse that i know work. I've allso checked the wiring and everything seems to be right. Could it just be that i need to reduce or rise the arming voltage? That the link cant read the value out of the sensors right now? Or could it be anything else? I am thankful for any answers or ideas on this matter Regards / SWOX

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Hi Staffan

the first thing to do is to make sure what type of sensors you are working with.

You have stated that they are three wire sensors can you confirm wether thaey are reluctor or hall type  note some BMW engines have three wire sensors and the crank is reluctor but the cam is hall

also what is the tooth count on the cam  is it just a high/low setup  where half the cycle there is a lobe and the other half there is no lobe

if you can post up or email your pcl file it would help as well



[email protected]

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Hi Staffan

It would be worth checking that the trigger two input goes to the correct location on the header. We had one batch of looms assembled incorrectly.

Also watch your arming voltages in the trigger set up. THese should start at around 0.5 and ramp up to 4 .


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