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Turbo timer function?

Isaac Anstis

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Hey all, Just a quick question, I have a link g3+ in a Subaru v3, wired for the ignition hold feature. Is its possible to configure this so that it had some form of intelligent turbo timer run down? I.e. cooldown period based on how long/hard the car has been driven, with a min/max time, and maybe a safety/security cutout from the TPS/speed sensor etc. Just thinking that the link has all the necessary information, IO ports, so would be nice to see as a feature. Sorry if this has been asked before... Isaac

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Hello Isaac.

This has been on the wish list for quite some time, however this does not mean it will be a feature soon, or at all.  It is a nice idea, so if you wanted to put your 2c in, put this post (or look for it first) on the wish list part of the forum.  I think the main argument for this, is 'Is a turbo timer really ever needed?'.

I don't want to start a sh** fight about it, as I am sure there are multiple arguments that could be brought up in the defence of that statement, so I will leave it there for you to ponder or bash out on another forum.  On the plus side, it is a very valid request that many people have asked for.


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