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D42V3 141299

Ben Hainsworth

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I've bought an AE101 Levin (20v 4age silvertop) it has a link ecu, it was running on this ecu. Previous owner ran it out of oil and replaced the motor. Couldn't get it to run, now I have it.

Checking the basics the base timing appears to be out. It's firing well outside when it should (10deg after tdc). Timings all set up right, dizzy can only fit in one position. I was told it may be possible to offset the triggers by altering switches inside the ECU but can only see jumpers.

Can you advise if this is possible?


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It had been sitting outside for a while and was a bit shitty looking so I modified my one. worked sweet testing it by hand but now it's cooking the mitsi igniter that's been fitted (J722T). I read the manual and it mentioned certain igniter types need to be hooked up to Trig2 instead of Trig1.

I've got a stock Toyota one now as well, (same as in your 1uzfe diagram) can you confirm what trig to use?

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I refitted the Mitsi one and operated the dizzy by hand with the plugs out. Have spark again out of coil but had poor spark on cyl's 2 & 3. Checked cap and rotor, both fubar, especially contacts inside cap.

If gap excessive in the dizzy and the spark was being held up, would that load up the igniter and cause it to get hot?

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It could cause a bunch of energy to head back to the igniter and in really bad cases even the ECU.

So in short yes it could cause this to get hot but in theory only while cranking.

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