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Linkplus G1 Trigger Help

Matt Dunn

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Have a question which should be an easy one I hope.


I have a linkplus ecu

Inside it has

LPV14 and 140809

and the subboard  has

SUB24NEW 140809.


We are planning on using it on a Toyota 1GGTE engine.

I know is there are two signals from the dist,

one is the 24 pulse signal. Is this trigger 1 or trigger 2?

Also should the other one be 6 pulses, one for each cylinder

or should it be only one pulse for a reference signal.

If it is a single pulse when should it occour in relation to TDC cyl 1?

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Hi Matt,

Your ECU is going to need to come back to us for a sub-board change to work with this engine.

Trig 1 will use the 24 teeth

Trig 2 will use a single tooth

The decoding software will be expecting to see a single pulse 20 degrees before TDC number 1.

Unfortunately I have not heard of people successfully running the distributor due to the strange rotor setup it has. They have all had to convert to wastefire ignition.



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