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Display Link...Can you run two off one G4?

Chris Vautier

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Hi Chris.

This sounds so interesting I have to try it on the bench... I am going to bash it out to see if this will work, because honestly, no one has ever asked... And now I want to know :)  On the inverted question, this may be more of an ask, as it will be software related.  In saying that, it can't hurt to ask ;)

Watch this space... It may take a couple days.



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The problem with dual dash's would possibly be that as the processor sends out a signal, both dash's reply at the same time causing confusion, this would be caused by a addressing issue, as both dash's would in essence have the same address, any timing mismatch whatsoever and the setup fails.

A possible software upgrade or new version if Link are interested maybe, that upon powerup, the dash waits a random time or scans the buss for another device with the same address and self-configures, or adds its serial number as a extended address then notifies the main controller of this address.

Unfortunately, I cannot be accurate here as I don't know the software and the communication routines.

Running other dash's (as stated above) may get around the addressing issue.

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