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Boost control questions

Matt Howe

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I have been playing around setting my boost control up properly and have come across a few things.. I notice there is the option for closed loop boost based on the MAP sensor, but the help text has no info and I cannot see anywhere to configure it when activated. Do I presume this is a feature in development? Also with the dual boost tables, it would be good if one boost map could be set to 'boost by gear', and the second boost map set to 'boost adjust'. Boost by gear is necessary for me as I dont reach full boost in first and second gear due to insufficient load, and sometimes over-boost slightly in top gear up hills. But, I also want the ability to turn the boost down - for wet days or when the missus is driving. I dont see a way this can be done, perhaps you can elaborate if it's possible? (However, I'm thinking closed loop boost control would probably make the boost by gear functionality unnecessary ...)

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Closed loop boost control should not be visible... That is a mistake in PCLink...  There are some options to reduce your boost like disabling the boost solenoid when you want a lower (wastegate pressure) boost control only.  I will add your ideas to the wish list...

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