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Speed signal from ABS sensor?


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We can take the signal no problem.

The main issue is often the ABS wheel will reach to high a frequency at high speed due to the high tooth count.

If you are able to reduce the tooth count it will be no problem.

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I don't mind so much for high speed measurement..
I need only to use it for boost control.

Less than 50km/h to have low boost and then high boost.
So you think that I will be ok?

In which input can I connect it?
Expansion connector? Digital or Analog input?

Or just at ecu loom at stock tacho wire (Aux 4)?

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It will need to come into a free Digital input.

There will be one that was for the gearbox input.

Or through the XS loom would also be fine.

The catch will be when the frequency gets too high the speed will drop back to 0 which would reduce the boost.

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