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Questions on G4 Xtreme capability

Errol Feistl

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Hey guys,

I'm looking at purchasing a G4 Xtreme but have a few technical questions im hoping someone can help answer.

Firstly, the car its going into is a VX commodore (non-canbus).

1. Can/how do i configure one of the outputs to be switched on/off based on a temperature reading with a temperature hysteresis value (via the analog input). EG - When temp sensor 1 reaches say 70 degrees, switch output one to ground. When temp sensor 1 drops below 65 degrees, switch output one off (No ground).

2. If the above is possible, can you program one output to be driven my a number of variables. EG if temp sensor 1 reaches 70 degrees AND/OR temp sensor 2 reaches 70 degrees, switch output one to ground.

3. With the PC Link software, can i have the temperature reading from the above sensors displayed as a digital or analog number? Can i have the number change colour when it reaches a set temperature (Or have the background around the number invert colours)? Can i have a 'warning light' show up on the screen when an output relay is 'active'. EG, output one switches to ground and a box/light/item changes colour in the software

4. Can i have a 'shortcut' button placed somewhere on the screen which switches between configuration tabs? (The idea here is install a Car PC running the software and outputting to the touch screen headunit. I want to be able to touch the screen and change to the next set of values.

5. Is it possible to transmit the raw data to a remote install of the software? EG, I have a windows PC in the car that connects to the ECU, it receives the information then transmits it over a wireless signal to another PC which then displays the information. I know i could use a RDP type setup, however the bandwidth requriements would be much larger.

6. Can you store multiple tunes and switch between them easily enough? Again it would be great if i could do this via the touchscreen.

7. How easily does the G4 link with the standard BCM in the commodore? Will i still get readings on the dash/cluster of instant fuel usage etc.

8. Is it possible/how do i hook up sensors for things like steering input, brake pressure, throttle position, clutch position?

9. Is there a bigger version than the G4 planned with more inputs/outputs? (Or a plug in module to increase the capacity of the Xtreme)?

If the G4 Xtreme isnt capable of the above list, any recommendations on what might be?


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1. It can be done but will need the use of a virtual aux. On a GP out put you do have a time based hysteresis to avoid an out put being continually toggled on and off as a temp hovers around the switching point.

2. Yes you can have up to 3 conditions and can get even more if a virtual aux is also used.

3. Yes, For a warning light the gauge can change colour

4. You can have a range of tabs im not sure on their use with touch screen but in a normal application its just a mouse click to change tabs.

5. I would think so but have no idea on how it would be done.

6. You can use a digital input to switch tunes allowing two to be on the ECU and not require a PC to change them.

7. No idea at all, if it is just taking injector pulse width and other inputs direct and then working out fuel usage it might be able to be connected up.

8. Covered in the online help file.

9. Not at this stage

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately the G4 Xtreme just doesnt appear to have enough inputs/outputs for me...

From what i can gather i need the following...

8 * Injectors

8 * Spark Plugs

1 * Engine Oil Pressure

1 * Engine Oil Temperature

1 * Coolant Tempeature

4 * TPS (Not sure why it needs 4, but thats what your diagram shows)

1 * MAP Sensor

1 * Idle Air Control

1 * Cam Position Sensor (Maybe more?)

1 * Crankshaft Sensor

2 * Knock Sensors

1 * Fuel Pump Output

2 * O2 Sensors

1 * AC Sensor

Then i want to add

1 * Supercharger Coolant Temperature

1 * Gearbox Oil Temp

1 * Diff oil Temp

1 * Aux Coolant Temp

1 * Power Steering Temp

3 * Thermofan Outputs (As i need multiplte variables, the Virtual AUX can only do 3 combinations)

1 * Gearbox Pump Output

1 * Diff Pump Output

1 * Aux Pump Output

Plus i wanted the ability to have some input/output switches for alarms etc and possible convert to electronic throttle (not sure how many inputs/outputs this requires).

Plus i cant find any information on whether it can be linked with the standard cluster...

Does anyone know of another product with more funtionality?


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