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Kick back on cranking

Paddy Hanna

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Hi There, I am running a Link g3 on a small block Chev. Using one coil and a distributor. My problem is that the engine is constantly kicking back on cranking as if the engine is hugely advanced. Once it is running everything is fine and the timing is OK. I have tried retarding the timing when it is in "lock to crank mode" to 1 degree and the problem still occurs. Also tried locking the engine to the crank timing during start up and the problem persists. Have tried changing distributors (from reluctor pick up to Optical) and tried different leads and cap too but no luck. Any idea what the problem might be?

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I would be having a good look to see what voltage the ECU is seeing at crank. It could be getting too low and the ECU then going through a reset. Also check the distributor is in the factory position or at least close to avoid the chance of cross firing.

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