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Sanford Edinberry

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Hi All, Please could you explain to me in more details what is the MASTER setting really responsible for? I set mine to 95 and my rev wont drop. If I set to less, the car idles and drives unresponsive/rough. Next why is it when I am in 5th gear, I get max boost at 3.5k rpm whereas in 3rd gear this is only at 4.2k? Why does my boost spike... in all gears it over shoots by 2 psi then settles? Many thanks, SanMan

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Sounds to me like your ECU/Vehicle need tuning.  Master is the overall fuel trim.  You can not tune your engine by adjusting master.  Peak boost will occur at different times in different gears.  It depends at the rate at which the engine comes on boost.  It also depends on how boost control is tuned.  Best get the car to a dyno and get it tuned...

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