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Trigger Error at 6000rpm only on heavy load


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we have a 4cyl DOHC toyota with trigger 1 on crank 36-2 and trigger 2 on stock distributor. I configured the arming threshold values via accelerating up to 8400 rpm with the car parked so that there where no trigger errors. I drove the car but while accelerating with 3rd and 4th gear there where missfires around 6000rpm and trigger error counts. I increased the ignition dwell values from 1,8ms to 2,8ms and it seems much better but still not completely fixed. Should i give it a try with more dwell (3,2ms)? or should i try and fix it via altering the trigger arming threshold values ? I use Honda K20/F20 denso COP. Any help-advice would be appreciated , thanks !

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I increased ignition dwell from 2.8ms to 3ms and i only got ONE trigger error (misfire) while accelerating the car on all 5 gears. I'll give it a try up to 3,2ms and see if problem persists.... Incognito G what cop are you using ? Is it safe for the Honda COP to run 3,2ms dwell ?

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dwell has nothing to do with trigger errors... so increasing dwell time cannot cure your problem.

you need to check trigger arming voltages and level of noise on the signal (oscilloscope needed).

if you find the signal is clean, set your arming voltages to suit..

if you stil have errors.. then look at if your phase sync is overlapping a tdc event etc..

oh and obviously.. that your triggers have correct polarity

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