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Closed Loop Boost Control in the Atom

Paul Milligan

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I have an Atom that I'm running on a BMW 4 cylinder.  The engine was raced as normally aspirated for a year.  Then that class is now nearly gone.  The engine has now been fitted with a turbo to run in a more popular class.  Since it is a hp controlled class, it would be really helpful to have closed loop boost control on the atom.

I realize that this is available on you're higher end models.  Is it possible to port the CL boost control software over to the Atom?  I really don't want to have to buy another controller and rewire the entire engine.




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Hi Paul

We have chosen to leave this function out of the Atom to give people some reason to go for the Storm.

The change over is not as bad as you might think. You can still retain the atom wiring all you will need to do is a pin swap to the storm plug. The terminals are the same between the full wirein range.

The map can also be transferred over no problem.

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