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rev limit g4+ atom


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hi guys
I al ready tune toyota HILUX 3RZ With g4+ atom .. every things was ok .. main rev limit is 6200 RPM
my question ,, how can i do secondary rev limit . 5500 rpm or any REV RPM ,,
i triED digital input GP function . but i cant active ,,
can YOU help me ,,,,

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I forgot to add that I set this GP REV LIMITER 1 with Digital input 1 being ON or OFF.

0 = OFF

1 = ON.

If you set up this type of Y AXIS using a Digital Input, you only populate the 1 column.

The 1 column is on therefore the values in the slots will be used only.



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hi dave 

still have problem ,,

i connected digital input one is ok ,,,

i do rev limit one 5500 RPM .,

but rev limit 1  . i did  ur step  not active . i try MGP & MAP & differential fuel press(KPA). all not working ,,

can u help me 

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What is the second rev limiter used for exactly, I was just giving you an example.

Tell me what your digital input is a switch, how is that set up.

Tell me exactly how you want the second limiter to be activated and at what value.

Do you want it as a pit lane limiter or a valet limiter, novice driver limiter etc.

Attach your Tune file (PCL FILE) PLEASE.



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What version software are you using out of curiosity.

Now you want a simple second stage rev limiter ,

You turn switch on, engine rev limits to 5500 rpm,

Turn switch off rev limit returns to normal rpm.

So for this to happen you need the following.

1. Digital input

2. GP RPM LIMIT 1 or 2 to be selected.


Now step 3 the GP RPM LIMIT TABLE MUST have 2 axis to operate, the Y (VERTICLE) AXIS which will be you DIGITAL Input.

Also you will also require an X AXIS (HORIZONTAL).

So you just want a switch to turn on, engine limits at 5500 rpm.

Switch off engine revs normally.

You don't want any other parameters involved , speed, tps etc, doesn't mater.

I have attached again a very simple second stage rev limiter, this time I have based the X AXIS off THROTTLE Position, so if the TPS is opened more than 1.2 % all the way to 100% the engine will rev limit at 5500 rpm.

For this to work properly as per my example, you must connect 1 side of the switch to the DIGITAL INPUT 1 on your ECU and the other side of your switch to ground. (chassis) or good negative.

Keep this simple, there is no reason for you to use advanced modes or anything, unless there are conditions you haven't advised me on.

I hope this helps.




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