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Link Firmware upgrade problem EVO plugin

Jimmy Engdahl

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Hi. When i try upgrade firmware it wont find the ECU. i can connect with PCLINK and get online. but some times it disconnects. iv got fw 4.4.1. anyone got any tip on whats can be the problem? is there anyway to do a factory default if there is any problem? i have only tested the ECU on my old Evo IV last year. now i got a Evo VI TME. ECU is never realy used. //Regards

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Hi Jimmy.

I would imagine it is one of a couple of things, although there is potentially two things happning.  My best guess is that you are using a com port above 10 for the USB connection.  This would explain why the ECU would connect OK with PCLink, but not when doing a FW update.

Try setting it up using a port number below 10 (port 1-9).  If this works, cool, I imagine it would.  However there has been the odd person experience issues with the new USB driver (this was the second potential thing).  If PCLink is disconneting from the ECU regularly, it may be the new drivers (but could be other stuff - We'll start with this easier less time consuming approach first).

I would recommend rolling these back to the older version to knock out any concerns you might have with the disconnections and the new drivers.  What is the OS you are using? '98, XP, MS W7 etc?  As a general rule, any Link brand communications should be set up to work with a com port below 10.

Let me know how you get on.



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i notice it still drops connection with pclink software. it says 11,2Hz beside 'Offline' text. has this 'Value Out Of Bounds something to do with that? iv got problem with the map sensor aswell. tells me an v2 at gnd. dont know if its connected wrong. havent found any good picture to see how its should be. //Regards.

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If you have installed the USB drivers from the PC link software version 4.5.1 it would be best to try to go back to the earlier drives packed with the prior version of PC link.

You will also have to check all the new options available with the upgrade including the AN input error values if these are set incorrectly the an volt channels might not function.


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