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Link Plus with VR4 Adapter Loom

Bob Spagnolo

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Hey folks, I have brought a 1991 VR4 Galant. The car had in the boot a LinkPlus VR4 LPV10 030203 with a Link VR4 Adapter Loom. What model is this? What steps do I need to follow to start using this unit? I am not sure if I can just plug and play or can this damage my Car? Where in regional Victoria is there a competent tuner for this model? Finally is it true you cant use these with auto's why? Sorry for the "War and Peace" Cheers Gooch

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Hi Bob,

What you have there is a 'G1 Linkplus V10'. This is covered by the following manual.


To connect to it you will need a handcontroller (we don't make them anymore) or a Serial Link for PC connection (available from your nearest dealer).

"Plug and Play" would depend on how modified the car it previously ran was, if identical to yours it would be fine.

With autos it depends what info the auto-box needs, some just need an rpm signal which we could handle, some are run completely by the factory ECU which we aren't able to emulate.

In Victoria, AVO in Morabbin should be able to help you tune that ECU.



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From the photos you are in luck you have a matching set. The adapter is also a G1.

The switches are for two functions. The single switch is for setting the stepper motor step size. 1/2 or full steps. Normally set this to off.

The 4 way switch set the trigger edges from the CAS these are currently set in there correct positions so should not need changing.

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