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So the new software (4.8.0 )certainly sucks cajunas...


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1 Upgrading the FW you need to take a stand on what frequency you want your CAN channels to run at. You cant select 'NONE' or something like that if you do not run CAN. So i selected 50Hz just to choose something. So now when i connect my laptop to the ecu it runs at 100% prosessorpower. Its an old laptop yes but it has been sufficient up until this upgrade. Wonder if the 50Hz CAN selection i made demands higher CPU effort? God knows cause i CANT go back and change it to say 2Hz (that was the lowest available option. So no i apparently ned a new laptop.

2 Who came up with the brilliant idea of the tree structure in the layout? I find it horrible! And buggy. I like to have a tab for every section. One for boost, one for idle and so on. On every tab i put all the relevant tables. Like on the Idle tab i put up the PID tables cause i run closed loop idle. Now if i want to swap it to open loop  for some tuning the PID tables go blank. No problem. They are not used in open loop anyways. Swap it back to Closed loop when tuning is done. PID tables are.... STILL blank! To get it back i have to load the Layout again.  Also if i set a table into a tab i want it to look like when i put it up there the next time i go to that tab. I dont want to scroll and do a bunch of clicks to get the table visible again.Terrible...

What was wrong with how the old software looked anyways?


Here is an example of how a tab ends up looking


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OK, so the CAN stuff has absolutely nothing to do with PC communications. It is an ECU feature used to communicate with displays. And you can turn it off. Set the data rate to off. The table allocation is warning you because you have more tables turned on than you are allowed. Turn something off. Probably because you have CAN turned on (it requires one table). I am sorry you don't like the look of new PCLink. We will have a look into the tables hiding then not becoming visible problem. In the mean time feel free to keep using the previous version of PCLink and firmware if you were happy with it. ps. I have a Edit button!

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