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max current through link ignitor?

Phil Shailer

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 I'm running a Link Plus on a 3.8 V6 commodore motor in a Suzuki off road truck, After damaging 1 of my 3 coils (and blowing fuse for coils) I replaced the offending coil with a newer one but fuse for coils is still blowing (albeit slower), it's only a 10A fuse, can I ran a larger fuse (15A?) for coils or is this the max current for the older style Link ignitor?

I'm hoping this is just a case of newer coils using a little more power than older ones, and I haven't damaged anything else.

Is there a way of checking ignitor for damage?


Thanks in advance, Phil.

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The igniter generally works or not. Each channel is limited to ~6-8amps so in theory at high RPM you could be seeing up to 18amps total draw.

Also excessive dwell will cause undue heat in the igniter and coils. For these coils I would expect dwell times to be around 4ms

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