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SR20DET CAS wiring? Confused.

Kris Klutke

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Hi Everyone, Tried searching but haven't cleared anything up. I'm using a Link G4 Storm on a S15 SR20DET. The CAS diagram ( http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/C11 ) displays, trigger 1, trigger 2 which is fine, this is red and black in the 2 separate shielded cores. Now this diagram shows to also give a sensor ground and CAS supply. In the 2 cores there is a white wire included in each. This is listed as a ground. How do I wire this? is sensor ground one of these wires, or is it going to be one of the green sensor ground wires that run to the temp sensor etc? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Kris

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Ok, this is a common pinout,

you have 2 shielded (coax) lines running from your ECU, (Trig1 & Trig2)

connect Trig 1&2 to the socket, the shield from the coax (pick one of them, not both) goes to the Sensor GND terminal

Sensor GND refers to the 'Ground reference' for the sensors, the sensors being the Cam Angle Sensor

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Hi Kris,

You can connect one (or both) white wires to the CAS ground.

Sheilds are already connected at the ECU end, and should not be wired to anything at the other end (this is the correct method for sheilding).

The CAS supply needs to be an ignition switched 12V supply, the factory wiring has this supplied off the ECCS relay (if you still have the factory wiring). It should turn on and off along with your injectors and ECU power supply.

Also wire as per Figure 11.3 for the G3 (and G4), the other one should really say: 'Pre G3', not 'non G3'.


Hope that helps.


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