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Closed loop lamda?

Ian Seppanen

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I am having issues getting the CLL function to work on my G2

No matter how I set it up, it just maxes out the fuel trim to whatever the max setting is.  I have a wideband hooked up, and setup properly.  The AFrs match between the laptop and gauge.

The engine runs great WOT, but I have 2" ITBs, and she sucks a lot of fuel on transits.  I have tried to fine tune it, but I feel like having closed loop control for cruising would be better.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the wideband hooked up to blank Analog input 1, but I am not sure which analog this corresponds to in the computer, 3 IIRC since MAP and TPS are considered 1 and 2.

Thanks guys.

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Hi Ian,

I had a look at your base-map. In it the Gain control in the Closed Loop Lambda section is set to zero. If you have this set to zero the CLL will not have any effect, I would recommend trying a value of one or two. 

You will want to use AN 1 for your channel selection. I know it does not say An Volt 1, but CLL would not use a temp or load input.

Let me know if this helps,


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