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injecter firing angle

Ryan v8bmwdrift

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Hi Ryan.

Hit F12 on the keyboard and go to Triggers/Limits tab.  There you will see a box with Trigger Status, which is the information you are looking for.  All of these results should show you exactly where you are with it.  Martin is bang on with the injector timing, start with 400deg there, and look at this later for fine tuning a bit more crispness in your throttle.

For the ignition timing, have you read the help file?  It is very clear and very helpful.  This is the FIRST thing you should be doing with your engine/ECU after all of the recommended testing has been carried out.  You must choose your base timing 10deg BTDC for example, and then the offset adjustment will move the timing mark on the crank pulley using your timing light, until you reach your desired 'Base' (which is the one just mentioned above).


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