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01 Impreza 2.5rs Used to run fine, then hard to start, now wont start

Josh M

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Car is a 2001 Subaru 2.5rs. Bought it with a LinkPlus LPV10 (I think this is the S/N: 270802) ECU already in. Ran fine up until a few months ago. It was getting hard to start but i was entertaining the idea of selling the car w/ the stock parts on it so i put the stock injectors and ecu in and it ran fine.

This past week i tried to hook up the LP V10 and the larger injectors that it is set up for and it wont start. I cleaned and flowed the injectors and started the car with the larger injectors and stock ECU, it does start fine and run so that narrowed it down to the LP V10. So i checked out the resources on this site and am stumped.

I downloaded PC Link (under Support > Downloads > PCLink > PCLink V2.5 - G1 ECU's Only) and got my laptop to connect to the ECU, great! But the document under Support > Documentation > G1 comes up with this:


And the software i'm using doesn't seem to correlate to anything on the PDF. Under fault finding (19.4) It says "Engine will not or hard to start" and talks about the power to the ECU not being sufficient (less then 7.5V) as a possible cause. It also talks about navigating away from a "Test RPM" menu and trying to start the car. If the menu comes up then the ECU is being reset(Due to less then 7.5V) There is no "Test RPM" menu of any sort on PCLink, at least not the one i downloaded. Halp!


So i guess my big question is: is there an updated or correct version of the LinkPlus V10/ PCLink documentation/software for my application? And if yes/no, what steps can i do to determine that the power being provided to the ECU is no sufficient to start the car and thus the cause of the issue? Can i wire the power pin straight to the battery?


The PDF mentions that the ECU should be wired directly from the battery via a relay. Would i connect the relay to switch on with the ignition or is there a better method? For what it's worth, the ECu is currently wired with the power comming from the wireing harness pins for the ignition (and for some reason, the IAC solonoid valve. Previous owner wired it up, but it was running before so i don't know how that's an issue) 



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The manual was written aroung the use of a hand held tuning module.

If you are using PC link look to see if you are getting an engine RPM.

And make sure you are keeping connection while cranking.

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