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Setting AVCS with aftermarket cams

Inshan Khan

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Hey, i'm new to this forum.

I've got a 2002 subaru sti jdm with a fully built 2.0l engine. the engine is fully forged with a gt3071r turbo, single scroll. also i have done some head work. i've got 260 in cams and 264 ex cams and the head is ported. but the tuner is not sure what the avcs setting should be to make optimal power. i am using the link g4+ plug in.

the car was dynoed yesterday and it made 373hp with 308 lb/ft torque on 95 ron. i think the car should be making more.

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What size injectors are fitted to the engine?  What is the base fuel pressure?  What is the max injector duty?

As far as cam settings go, you will have to start with stock settings and play with them to get to max.

But realize that playing with the cams will not make magical hp.  It is more for moving the power around in the power band.

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