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L1V5 PCLink SerialLink 'Excessive Acquire Errors'

Daniel Checketts

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Firstly, can I just say that it's great to see active support of your older products when you could have just turned away when they were discontinued like so many other companies do.

My problem is that when running pclink, the software will popup with a message saying 'link disconnected due to excessive acquire errors' and then it wont be able to reconnect again but will bring up a message saying to check the ECU power and serial port com.

I'm using a USB -> serial port connector from DSE on a Windows XP laptop circa '04.

It's quite happy to connect when working but as soon as this message pops up its hit and miss as to when it will connect again. Sometimes disconnecting the battery or restarting the computer works but others there isn't any joy.

A list of recommended settings for the port would be a big help.

Thanks, Dan.

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This is causing me a lot of grief.

The problem is still happening after I have switched to a laptop on a clean windows xp install with a serial port.

The problem happens after 100-150 seconds of being connected with the engine not going and most circuits unplugged, eg wideband oxy, tps, iat, injectors, igniter, etemp, fan.

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Could be the serial link or ribbon cable connections or the USB to serial device.

The warning is indicating too many errors in the data stream.

If you have another USB converter I would try this first. Assuming the Serial link and ribbon cable are in good condition.

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Ok so I think I've exhausted every option.

I have:

-Changed laptop to one with a fresh windows xp install with only pclink on it. Running on battery power

-Changed serial cable from 'USB to Serial' to just straight serial to serial connector and cable

-Change DIL ribbon cable

-Unplugged all plugs in the engine bay to reduce the electrical noise

-Pulled all unnecessary fuses 

-Finally removed the PCLink from the car and connected only +12, P and S GND, NB Oxy to a 12V Battery

-Changed speeds and other settings on the Serial port

-Visually inspected SerialLink, ECU motherboard and daughter board for any broken traces, connectors, blown caps, broken solders points

Still after 60-150 seconds the message appears. Another thing I have noticed is that even with the NB Oxy input wire tied to GND it continues to float between 0.00V - 0.03V. A similar float was also happening to the map and input voltage but since changing to the isolated environment they have settled.

What should I do next?

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Just a thought it might be your signal ground is suspect.

The joins around the main header of the ECU can fracture over time if its an early unit.

you can check the under side of the header to see if there are any signs of fatigue.

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