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Connect Innovate MTX-L to Link ECU G1

Sanford Edinberry

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Hi SanMan,

Yes, it is possible to connect the Innovate analogue outputs to your G1 ECU. The catch is that the G1 was not configured to run wideband O2 sensors, so you will need to tell the Innovate to use simulated narrowband mode. Then select the analogue input in your G1 ECU as narrowband.


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Thanks Scott,

Reading throught the manual, it says that closed loop operation not recommended for heavy modified cars... is this still the guidance for heavily modified cars as mine runs 300atwkw but no cams? I would like to have a single console to log both the Link ECU and the Innovate Wideband, that is why i want to connect the Innovate to the Link.

This is on a Subaru Sti v2 MY96.

Many thanks,


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Hi SanMan,

You should be fine with running CLL. The potential problem is that if at high rpm / high power your O2 sensor gave up or the its calibration changed, the ECU would try and compensate. So there is a possibility for engine damage if the ECU took the engine too lean. The chance of this happening is pretty low.

In the end it is a decision you will have to make for yourself.



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