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Link plugin ecu Toyota supra 2jz-gte board type


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I purchased a Link G4 plugin ECU for a Toyota Supra2JZ-GTE non VVTI single turbo a couple of weeks ago. Checked the ECU board version and it shows it's a Storm board. Im currently running 6 individual coils on my setup and unable to configure direct spark for my setup due to Storm board limited support for 4 coils.

I purchased the Link plugin unit based on the website info that it supports the Extreme board functions. Please advice if I am able to send in the unit for a replacement.



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Hi Melvin

Could you point me to the information on the website where it indicates extreme spec. My concern is that other might think this.

We don't do the Supra with the Xtreme top board in the Link range at all.

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Hi Melvin,

Simon has been away, I will ask him to come on and comment upon his return. I will comment that the statement above that you have quoted. The statement is correct, the G4 Storm and G4 Xtreme top-boards do both use the same micro-controller and firmware. This does not however mean they have the same inputs and outputs. The rest of the hardware on the top-boards is quite different.



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