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Fault Codes on g1


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I have a G1 gtslink.

I would like to know if the g1 stores fault codes and can cause Rich&Retard like the stock nissan ecu's do.
Reason i ask is that after having my head gasket replaced, my car didn't run well at all, it was severely lacking power and felt like the timing wasnt advancing properly or something. 
I found the problem to be fixed after the car sat in the shed for a number of months and the battery had drained completely dead. so after i jump started it and went for a drive it was pulling hard again like it used to.. it then got used a few times over the next few weeks but after a couple days of the battery having charged up, the problem came back, so back into the shed the car went and i left the battery disconnected, a few days later fired it up and what do you know, it runs properly again.
so it seems that whenever the ecu has battery power, it develops issues after a day or two and goes into "limp home" mode like an oem ecu would. when the ecu loses battery power and drains completely flat, problem goes away - temporarily.
this problem initially started once i had my head gasket replaced.
anyone have any ideas?
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the tune was initially done in auckland somewhere, likely on 98 fuel. when the car was in nelson after a few months it started losing power a bit and it went to a workshop who said timing was too advanced (no 98 available in nelson), and wound the cas to the most retarded position they could. ran ok from then on, and it stayed at that position after the headgasket job. if i advance the base timing any bit at all it makes it idle very rough (didnt even bother trying to drive it like that) . strange because now i'm in christchurch running 98 and thats how it used it used to run.. perhaps the first workshop changed a setting using the hand controller or something?

thanks for the advice, much appreciated

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