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Check Engine Light

Brad Hansen

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so i wish to setup my check engine light as both an indicator for any ecu fault codes as well as a warning light for other potentially harmful situations.  these include:

-Excessive knock values (>xx) (side note; what sort of figure is considered excessive knock?)

-Overrev (RPM>8000)

-Overboost (MAP>260kPa)

-Overheat (ECT>100*C)

-Low  oil Pressure (ANV5 < xxxkPa)

-Oil overheat (ANT3 > 115*C)

to do this, i have followed the instructions in this thread here: http://www.linkecu.com/forums/LinkWishList/671614950

but i made some changes;  i set auxiliary output 6 (connected to my CEL) as a GP Output with the logic of cond 1 or 2 or 3 and set each condition as each virtual auxiliary outputs (ie 'SW cond 1 = aux virtual value1 = ON'; and 'aux virtual value1 = ON = 1').  for the virtual auxiliary outputs i set 1 and 2 as GP outputs with three conditions and set those conditions as the parameters listed at the start.  for virtual auxiliary output 3 i just set it as a CE light. 

so i assume that any of those conditions will then operate my auxiliary output 6 am i correct?  if not, can anybody help me with how i could achieve this?

also i could not for some reason set my EGTs as a warning to trigger the light as when i would try to set a condition to ANV7>(whatever) it would say too high and anything below 0 it would say too low?  also i noticed a mixup in the table for ANV4&5, they have no < symbol, only two > symbols.


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Hi Brad,

It sounds like you have your conditions set up correctly. If you send me your basemap I can test it on the bench.

Which firmware version are you running? There was a problem with the value ranges (for some inputs including EGT). I have checked this on the latest firmware and it is allowing me a value between 0 and 60,000 degrees.

The AN Volt 4 and 5 < > thing appears to be resolved in the latest version of PCLink also. Thanks for the feedback though.



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On your GP out put you will need to add a condition based on the timer.

So that it is Condition 1 or 2

And have the timer being activated by the GP output

This way the timer will activate on knock level and then the the AUX will hold until the timer valye is past set time.

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Hi guys I thought it would be best to ask my question on this thread rather than start a new one as this answered my first question perfectly as I was looking for a solution to hold my eml light on. My secondary question is to do with the capabilities of the timer function. How long can it hold the output on on can it be done in such a way it will hold it until ignition off and then back on.


Thanks for any responses or information Mike

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Hi Adam thanks for responding. I have an g4 Xtreme pro silver box. Like Tony a few post above I am using a spare bulb on my dash/cluster that if the ECU detects low oil pressure or low fuel pressure etc it will turn the light on but I was worried that in racing conditions if oil surge was to happen the light would come on and off and may be missed. So I like the idea of it coming on and staying on for a set time or maybe until the ignition is turned off 


I hope this helps 



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The easiest option is to use the "SwOff Timer" setting on your GP output - this allows you to keep the output on for a max of 25sec after the trigger.

Alternatively, if you want the light to stay on permanent then you will have to add a virtual aux like below.  In this example if my oil press (AN V4) drops below 25psi the aux will turn on and stay on until ignition reset.  You will have to add some conditions so it doesnt trip during start up etc.  Suggest using the GP limiters as they have a start up delay - then use the GP limit status to trip your light/virtual aux.


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