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Layout mayhem

Jeremy Towers

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I have set up a custom 'Layout' in PCLink which displays all the things I need to tune and monitor my engine.

I have had some frustration with managing the different versions of this layout page as it has developed, and I have just figured out why. There are a couple of features (or bugs) in the program which you may be able to confirm for me.

1/ On exiting PCLink the current Layout is automatically saved?

2/ When opening a new Layout the current layout is automatically saved before opening the new one??

If these are both true then it makes managing layouts a Total nightmare. For example if a Layout gets damaged while running PCLink then the only option is to save the damaged Layout over the top of the good one. Even if a new layout is opened the corrupted one will be saved first without so much as a prompt. So there is no way to protect the original layout.

This feature? might be useful for people who always forget to save their work, but it is also a sure fire way to mess up a whole lot of layouts.

Can you confirm the above? Thanks

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Hi Jeremy,

You are correct about point 1 and 2, PCLink saves the open layout file on both occasions. 

When you say your layout file is getting 'damaged' do you mean the file is being corrupted, or do you mean it gets altered and then the changes are saved?

If it is a case of the first then we need to try and determine why the file is getting corrupted. If it is the second, then I recommend clicking the 'green cross' on the top right of each panel to lock it in place. The settings windows also have the padlock icon to lock the panel to a particular setting.

Most users want PCLink to look the same when they open it as when it was last closed, so this is why the layout file is saved upon PCLink close.

I will make a suggestion to the software engineer managing PCLink that we have a check-box in the settings to choose whether the open layout file is saved upon opening another.


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Thanks Scott

Yes, I mean damaged by me. If the layout gets messed up while I am modifying it, the only way to undo the changes is to reload the layout. But unfortunately that is not possible as explained above.

Your suggestion for a check box or possibly a prompt would solve the problem.

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