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Knock options

Paul M

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My understanding is that one requires a bosch knock sensor (or similar) and the knockblock and set ecu settings to ON-DI Knk Interface?

So what is the ON-Knk Internal knock setting in the ecu and what is required to get it to work?

What configuration is best, easiest to setup for reading knock?


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The Xtreme has on board knock so with the addition of a bosch sensor this can be wired directly to the ECU.

It is of the slightly older knock style but still works well.

If you are after it more as a tuning tool then the KnockBlock is a better option as it will allow the use of headphones.

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Based on what test results did the bosch knock sensor out perform other sensors, say the EVO and WRX where in the PClink help files 'Suggested Knock Frequency Settings' you state 13kHz for the EVO and WRX and for the bosch 6kHz?

Basically what the differences between a good knock sensor and a not so good knock sensor?

They are both just a knock sensor, all work the same in principle, just like a temp and pressure sensor.
What really matters is the software and how efficiently and reliably it processes the inputs.

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Some factory sensors have inbuilt filtering, others are second harmonic sensors such as the EVO one you mention.

No problem using a filtered first harmonic sensor but on the G4 Xtreme we are not able to take a second harmonic input.

The Bosch sensor seems to have the best ability to cope on a broad range of engines.

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