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Not Firing - 3sge

Laurence Koelmeyer

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Hi there I've recently installed a 3sge with a lem G3, fired it up today and it is only running on 2 cylinders. Cylinders 2 & 3 appear to have no spark?? the engine runs but very wrough as it is not tuned at all ( only 2 cylinders as well). Would anyone have any suggestion as to why i don't have a spark to thos 2 cyliners. Could it be an ignition setup problem? thanks

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I belive its wired correctly, its a distributor set up using a link single channel ognitor. The engine will run on 2 cylinders so an\m confused why I'm not getting a spark on clyinders 2&3. Could the cap and rotor be at fault? they are the original parts that cam with the engine (I presume it ran before). Regarding the ignition tables is there some thing there that will tell the ignitor when to switch for each cylinder? thanks laurence

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