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Aircon temperature control


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Hi guys, can you please look at the viability of adding an extra logic item on the aircon controls.  On the OEM Nissan ECU's I've dealt with, there are inputs into the ECU from the aircon evaporator that can either be an NTC thermistor (tested and works with an AN Temp channel) or a 12V/NC switch, depending on the model.  What would be good to see is the aircon logic having the option to trigger off an AN Temp channel, with hysteresis, or trigger off a DI channel with a selectable ON level.

I've tried wiring the 12V/NC switch into the existing Aircon Request DI, but as this DI needs to have its pull-up resistor on, go through a pressure switch on the aircon receiver/dryer and then earth through the button on the dash, I can't get it to apply the required logic.

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