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CLL with an LC-1


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I can't get this working, I've moved my wideband to AN1 with voltage points reversed as (5v as voltage point 1 and 0 as voltage point 2) described (why does it need this doing?), when logging it correlates with my WB gauge so all fine. With CLL OFF the cars fine but if i enable CLL it tries to make it run too lean, I'm only allowing it 10% change from the map as its very close anyway, but for idle for example it goes straight to -10% and takes AFR to 16:1. Altering the dither voltage in the cll menu doesn't make any difference, so any suggestions? thanks Steve

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A narrow band sensor has a voltage that increases as the engine gets richer.  As CLL has to work with both narrow and wideband sensors you need to make you wideband sensor also have a voltage that increases as the engine gets richer (eg 22:1 = 0V (point A), 8:1 = 5V (point B)).  That will involve recalibrating the wideband sensors output and then changing the ECU to match the output.  After that a dither voltage of approx 2.4 volts will give CLL targeting 14.7:1.

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