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Detonation avoidance

Mark Mcman

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for any tune must be used a kind of knock detection system. Only exeption can maybe be, if a  tuner already made hundrets of the same car, or the engine is know to be not knock limited.

Ways to reduce the knock tendency are: 

less advanced ignition timing, Fuel with higher Octan rating, lower temperatures (hardware modifications) 

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What about the knock meter is it reliable?

in addition is there any standard value for ignition timing?!

Most knock meters on the market are reliable, but only under certain conditions. With high RPM, or a cold or noisy engine knock detection systems can have a hard time telling the difference between normal engine noise and detonation. This is where mounting the knock sensor in a good location and having someone with good experience in tuning are invaluable.

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If your tuner cannot avoid detonation, find a new tuner. Plain and simple.


Any "meter" is only as reliable as the person using and configuring it.

I agree!

I find that the better combination is having and experienced tuner and a knock monitoring device, the Link G4+ configured the right way is by itself a good monitoring device and that and the regular common sense and Tuner knoledge about the car is very good thing.


Sometimes when I have no experience with the car setup and the engine I need to start making a "baseline" with the "noise" detected by the Link G4 dataloggin feature, then I recently bought a Knocklink device, so I can plug a external knock monitoring device that I am custom to...

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