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What kind duty cycle ?

Kimmo Mäkinen

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You need to know you r B.S.F.C., engine displacement, volumetric efficiency, expected boost level, and a host of other things in order for you to estimate your injector duty cycle.  Odds are on most 4 cylinders you will have more than enough fuel with 1680 c.c. injectors unless you're runningin in excess of 40 psi and ethanol.



In short, no one will be able to tell you what you ask for with the data provided.

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Hi Kimmo,

As Kelly said, there are a lot of factors that come into play when trying to calculate the correct base pulsewdith (master fuel number in PCLink).

If you do not have the required data my recommendation would be to set the master fuel to 16 ms, if the engine will not start and is getting too much fuel (check the spark plugs) reduce the master fuel number.

Once you have the engine running you need to get a wideband oxygen sensor so you can tell if the air to fuel ratio (AFR) is rich or lean. You will then adjust the master fuel and fuel table numbers to get the correct AFR.



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