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4agte dizzy + link g3 wiring


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Hey there, I've got an AW11 4AGZE - dizzy model - and a Link G3. There was no instruction manual for the wiring of the triggers and its the only part I'm not 100% sure on. Is the wiring for a 4agze dizzy the same as the wiring for the CAS on the website here, with just the 3 wires needed (my dizzy plug has 4 wires). If so, does it matter which wire from the Link is used for the sensor ground - the black or grey? Also - am I able to get a factory base map for a 4agze from somewhere? Cheers -Matt

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Hi Matt

What colours do you have coming from your dissy I might be able to match them up.

Base map is going to be a harder one. Best bet here is going to be to talk to some tuners and they might help you out.


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the wires coming off the dizzy are as follows.

1 - White

2 - Yellow

3 - Red

4 - Green

pic here if you need it - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v34/matt_lowe60/ze-dizzy-plug.jpg

the wires on the loom side are different colours though, but its the ones on the dizzy plug you wanted right?  I've tried searching for ecu pinouts etc but all I can find is the late model ae92, or usa version of the aw11.  if it helps, its off the only dizzy-type model of the 4agze, out of the aw11 or early ae92 models.  the rest have CAS.

as for the base map - its just the factory one which gets loaded on from new - not an already tuned one for me to start from or anything.  just the G3 i got is mapped for a 1jz from factory, can get around it myself but would be easier if someone had the factory map handy.



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Hello Matt and Simon I have a couple of good base maps for a 4agze - both running different ignition systems but should be a really good start. If Matt lists his e-mail I will send it over - cheers Kelvin.

COuld you please also email me your base maps to start building mine [email protected]


Thanks in advance.

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