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Link G4 Storm password removal?

Eddie Long

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I have recently had a engine build and map done on my car. The quality of the work done on the car is very poor and the map is equally as bad!!!! And they had my car for over a year  !  They had remapped the car a second time as the car was running so poorly after the first tune. I am having all manner of problems with the car since I got it back,oil leaks,missing nuts and bolts, poor compression, rev limit lower than the standard car from factory and generally very poorly running car.

I dont want to deal with this company anymore but they have put a password on my ecu and I can get the car re-tuned until I get the password off them. They wont give me the password because it is the same for all of the cars they tune!


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Hi Eddie.

Unfortunately it is a security feature meaning if you could remove it, it wouldn't be a very good one.  The only solution you have is either retrieving this password from the tuner who set it, OR; Resetting the ECU to factory settings meaning you will loose the tune existing in there already.  Clearly none of these options are your ideal.

Good thing - Security works well... Bad thing - There is no way around this for your situatoin unless you hit up that tuner.


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Cheers Jurgen

I wont be going back to these cowboys so I guess I'm gonna have to rip the engine out,see whats wrong and see if the machine work I paid for actually done and the crankshaft(92mm) I supplied actually there instead of a standard 2L 86mm one. I suspect this because of a very low compression reading per cylinder.230psi per cylinder across the board! Something is definitely not right!

Thank you again Jurgen!

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Same problem here, there should be a solution possible as link can be admin to remove password without loosing mapping for a retune or add sensors etc...


You pay for the ECU, the car is client property, you pay for the mapping, so its a service provided and payed for, so you should have access to it also when needed.

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I always have a discussion with the tuner before handing the car over to be tuned, if they insist on password protecting their "intellectual property", I take the car elsewhere.

With one tuner in particular on a previous ECU of mine, when I got access to the tune it was very obvious why they password protected the maps with the extremely poor quality of the tune.

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Hi all,

JMP has the right attitude.

I only ever lock an ECU if it is an unfinished file to be completed.

Once the tune is complete then I unlock the ECU.

Intellectual property, pppphhhhhhhttttttttt.

I have customers globally whom add their own PASSWORDS as they don't like other workshops getting their file and simply loading that file into similar setups and charging the customer for a tune they just copied.



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