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LEM V4 recommended cold start values

Matt Petersen

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I have a 1UZFE which runs very well, was dyno tuned and goes great.

The only problem is the cold start configuration. Currently it's set to the following values :-

Clamp 32

Cold Start 23

Crank Enrich 43

Volts Correction 15

It starts easily but runs rough for about 20-30 seconds after starting. As it's time consuming to alter these values and test due to the time taken for the motor to cool down again can anyone make any recommendations on these values?

Using the online help it would seem that it's the Crank Enrich value that is wrong. The help says the base value is 70 and a smaller number means greater enrichment. It also says to refer to Crank Decay which isn't a visible setting on my screen.



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Hi Matt

On the V4 you will only have Crank Enrich and Cold Start to play with. If once the motor catches it runs fine then it is going to be a case of having a play with the Crank Enrich number.  All you can really do is try increasing or decreasing the number and seeing what works best.


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Thanks Simon.

Would upgrading to the V5 code give me any benefits like Crank Decay?

When the motor starts from cold it runs like it's running rich and you can smell the fuel, does this for about 20-30 seconds then it's fine.

As the tuning takes a while as you need to let the cool right down again I was hoping someone would have a value I could get closer to.



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