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misfire under load

Ross gardiner

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hi guys im having misfires under load seems like a rev limit 

Car runs out to rev limit under light excelleration easy and no problem but under load and when it reaches high boost it falls over, replaced plugs checked spring pressure thought i t;)might be holding the valves open but no.all this at about 4800rpm, only change is a cam replacement but i did have to dismantle engine but cause its runs fine just not under load n full boost

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its a valiant.

no trigger issues got 120pounds spring pressure found a cracked spark plug but still goes the same .is mint at idle n driving but when getting up to full boost and load it falls over .

i have an edelbrock air only throttle body with a gm iac valve that plays up i get sticky idle .has anybody had boost move the valve open ? im only running 14psi boost! after sone time or if you turn the ecu off and reset it  it goes back to normal idle

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