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5V MAP on G1 for RB

Sam McGill

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Two part question.

I have a plug and play Link G1 for an RB. How does one identify if it is laptop programmable?

On the board it reads; LINK 2001 NISSAN V3.2, and a sticker GTR71

On the chip it reads; LINK GTR33C  2300802


Second part

I have a 5V 2.5bar Sensor I want to use with this ECU. From what I believe, the voltage supplied to the factory MAF from the ECU is 12V, will using a 12V to 5V IC voltage regulator do the trick? Ie, does the ECU only need 0v to 5v signal from the MAP?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Sam 

The C on the end of the firmware version is the tell tail. In this case the unit is not PC compatiable 

It needs to be a Q R S or T to be PC tunable.

Of note this is a GTR specific firmware so is geared to only really work with multi butterfly applications.

For the MAP sensor the ECU is looking for a 0-5V signal you can pick up a 5V supply from the TPS supply.

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Cheers Simon

Bummer. What's the go to change the firmware? Send it into you chaps, how much will that set me back?


I've got a couple of spare chips with no lables on them available. I'm getting in touch with the chap who will make my base tune, might get him to see if he can connect to one of them.

I want to run it on an RB30det with single throttle body. Not ideal for my application then...

Excellent, at least my MAP sensor will be working.

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